Sunroom Window Treatment Options

Sunroom Window Treatment Options

People get sunrooms built onto their homes because they want to enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of the indoors. Sometimes, though, the sun can be especially strong and make it uncomfortable to spend time in your sunroom. Or perhaps your neighbors can see you from your sunroom and you crave a bit of privacy from their gaze. For occasions like these, window treatments are both useful and stylish. If you are in the market for sunroom window treatments, here are your options.


Our first window treatment option is curtains. Curtains offer a big opportunity to infuse some of your own style into your sunroom space by pairing hand picked curtain rods with strategically sourced curtains. There are an infinite array of curtains to choose from in terms of material, color, pattern, and length. If you want something that blocks out the sun completely when you need it, blackout curtains exist. And if you just want something that will take the edge off of the midday sun, delicate lace and linen curtains are a great option.


Another aesthetically pleasing option are shades. Shades work well to reduce glare on electronic devices and regulate the temperature in your sunroom. There are manually operated roller shades, but remote controlled ones are excellent if you have tall and hard to reach windows in your sunroom.


Shutters are another way to dress up your home and block out the sun when needed. Wooden shutters are durable and add an upscale appearance to your home’s exterior. Shutters also make it easy to control how much sunlight you block out since you can leave the shutters cracked, or close them all the way over your windows.


Treating your windows with a tint is also an effective way to control the harshness of the sun. Window films come in many shade levels and have the additional benefit of blocking UV rays.

At Innovative Livingspaces, we want to make your sunroom addition as comfortable and functional as possible. When you come to us with your sunroom idea, talk with us about your desired window treatment options as well! We would be happy to help implement whatever treatment choice you desire.

By Innovative Livingspaces 5-13-2022