Winter Sunroom Activities

Winter Sunroom Activities

Winter is in full swing here in Colorado, and boy, has it been a cold and snowy one! But the Centennial State is stunning all year round thanks to the local flora, fauna, and copious amounts of sunshine. While other states experience dreary Winters, those fortunate enough to live in our service area get to enjoy glistening, diamond-like snowscapes. Being able to enjoy the Winter scenes from the comfort of your own home is one reason we are passionate about building four season sunrooms, not three. If you want to take advantage of your sunroom this time of year, here are some ways you can do just that.

Game Night

Host a memorable game night in the serene setting of your sunroom! Whether it is a weekday family game night or a formal game night with friends and food, a sunroom creates the perfect backdrop for fun competition. Although, the turns may take longer if players are distracted by the beauty around them.

Relaxing Workout

Many people enjoy getting their exercise outside. And with countless hiking trails and reservoirs around, we can't blame them. But don’t let Winter weather squash your enthusiasm for self care. When it is just bitterly cold out, stay in! Your sunroom is the perfect space to roll out your yoga mat and take in the sunshine while you do so. Afterall, January blues are often cured with vitamin D as well as exercise.

Movie Night

Ever watched a movie under the stars? If you have ever been to the drive-in theater, you may have, but when you have a sunroom at home, you can invoke a similar experience without having to set foot outside your door. Grab your snacks, hot drinks, and bundle up under some blankets for a cozy evening with a stellar view.

There are countless ways to use a sunroom, these are just a few. Hopefully it has got you inspired to make the most of your sunroom, especially in the Winter. And if you do not yet have a sunroom, our Innovative Livingspaces team would be happy to help turn your dreams into reality.

By Innovative Livingspaces 1-12-2023