Uses for Your Colorado Sunroom

Uses for Your Colorado Sunroom

Sunrooms are flexible spaces that can add value, function, views, aesthetics, and living space to a home. It’s usually composed of an area with three walls and an open entry to and from the main living space of the home.

The main concept of a sunroom is to allow natural sunlight to warm, light, and otherwise compliment the space. This is accomplished by the walls being partially or fully composed of glass. In most cases, the walls will be 75 to 90 percent framed glass that span the width and height of the three walls. It varies by design.

Can A Sunroom Become A Dedicated Space?

Yes. Sunrooms can function to fulfill many different practical uses and be dedicated as more than just a sunroom. Here are some ideas.

Transition an existing lanai or patio into a sunroom. The concrete pad is often already there for such spaces. All that remains is constructing the glass walls for cover, and the homeowner instantly has an extra space that’s protected from outdoor elements without sacrificing their view of nature.

Use the sunroom as a conservatory to provide a year-round view of nature. Whether it’s watching a family of squirrels, birds, rabbit, or deer, a conservatory offers a front row seat to nature. It can even become a greenhouse conservatory for plants to flourish under the plentiful natural light a sunroom provides during the day.

A sunroom makes an ideal game room for both adults and children. Homes with children gain a safe place to play year-round indoor games and still get plenty of sunshine. Adults can use the sunroom as a game room for expensive billiard tables and such.

An open, bright, and airy home office can be created using a sunroom. Natural sunlight helps to keep the human mind alert and spurs creative juices. Plus, it’s easier to multitask work tasks with responsibly watching pets and children play outdoors through the sunroom’s glass walls.

Speaking of creativity, a sunroom makes an excellent craft and hobby space for drawers, painters, sewers, writers, and other creatives. There’s plenty of natural light to avoid the common eye strain and headaches of harsh fluorescent lighting. And, an environment that incorporates green and blue spaces is proven to better inspire creativity, positive thinking, and a number of other mental perks.

Sunrooms can easily become dedicated entertainment spaces for both professional and personal functions. Whether it’s day or night or cold or hot, the sunroom offers an open space to host almost any event - screenings, open bars, live entertainment, formal dining, and so forth.

Incorporate a combination of comfy sitting places, tables, entertainment systems, reading areas, and such to create a personalized family room for relaxing and sharing in those unassuming moments that will last a lifetime.

Why go to costly spas when there’s a sunroom available? Find tranquility and ultimate relaxation by using the sunroom as a private spa area. There are a plethora of water features that can be incorporated into the sunroom’s design. Personalize the area with spa greenery, a dedicated yoga space, essential oils, candles, and music. Every day can be special with an in-home spa.

By Innovative Livingspaces 8-5-2019