LivingSpace Studio Sunrooms

There are several different types of LivingSpace sunrooms but it’s important that you choose a sunroom that is right for your home. The LivingSpace studio sunroom is one of the best options if you’re looking at an easy blend to your home when it comes to the exterior as well as the interior. Many homeowners choose this option because the addition looks like it was originally part of the house. A large reason for this is because we only need a single-eve roof applied it order to top off the construction of it. This means that this type of roof allows for an easy transition and construction. What about the other features to this type of sunroom though?

The LivingSpace studio sunroom is typically done with three walls that have large spanning windows on them and a sliding glass door. However, the room can also be done with just two walls if it’s not possible to do three. This creates the prefect room to be able to settle down in to relax, sunbathe, entertain, or make it the perfect getaway room. Additionally, when you have children, keeping an eye on them can be difficult if they seem to be running every with way. A sunroom allows you to keep your eye on them whether they are inside or outside. There are a number of different uses for a sunroom. Honestly, it can be used just like every other room in your home, it has amazing added benefits. The important thing you need to know when it comes to a studio sunroom is versatile and allows for you to make it into whatever you want.

Innovative Livingspaces loves when we get to come to your home and brainstorm with you about the possibilities of your home. We take into consideration what you’re wanting it to look like and what the room will eventually turn into for you. Knowing this helps us to get a better vision of what you want, allowing us to fully bring that vision into a reality. In the process of talking with each client we get a feel for the details of the project that they want, allowing for us to preform superior service.