What is a Livingspace sunroom?


Many homeowners are drawn to contemporary styles and are eager to find ways to translate that style into their own homes. Our team has the perfect option for your home when it comes to achieving that look. Among our many popular styles is the LivingSpace Studio sunroom.

When creating a sunroom plan for your home, there are many structural components that need to be taken into consideration. The type and style of roof, the ideal placement on your home, and so on. However, with the LivingSpace studio sunroom we just use a single-eave roof. This style is the easiest to configure for any type of home and the end result is something that looks like it has always been a part of the property. Being so versatile and modern, there are many who opt for this style.

Breathe new life into your home with the seamless addition of a studio style sunroom.

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The LivingSpace Cathedral sunroom is just as it sounds, beautiful high vaulted ceilings with large windows spanning from the ceiling to the floor. This beautiful configuration allows for a large amount of sunlight to be captured and brought into the home. Innovative Livingspaces can adjust and create any design that will allow it to flow seamlessly into the rest of the home’s architecture. Having a room in the home that welcomes the beauty of nature into it, it will quickly become your favorite room in the home and everyone else’s.

Many homes are now built with high ceilings that creates a grand appearance to the home. This beautiful architecture is stunning and allows the home to feel large and spacious. We feel that it shouldn’t just stop there when it comes to wanting to add a sunroom. Innovative Livingspaces can build you a LivingSpace sunroom that matches your home perfectly. Keeping the structure of your home is important so we don’t compromise when adding a room to your home and make sure the vaulted ceiling in your home flow flawlessly into your sunroom.

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Many homeowners want sunrooms but don’t want to go through the process of adding completely new structure onto their home. Our LivingSpace Integrated sunroom allows you to transform your covered patio into a beautiful sunroom or turn your front room into a room with large beautiful windows that allow you to have the same feel. This becomes the best option for many homeowners when they don’t want to go through the construction of adding a completely new room to their home. If you’re working with a budget this can be among the biggest ways to help cut down on the cost.

With an integrated sunroom, you can transform any room in your home into a sunroom making it the central spot in your home. When it comes to days going by, you won’t just be cooped up in a home anymore, but your home will breathe in nature from the picturesque view and bright sun. More than that we all know parents are busy, yet they want them to play outside in the fresh air. A LivingSpace sunroom allows for you to keep an eye on them while letting them play till their hearts are content and not to mention that you’ll be able to get stuff done at the same time.

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If you’re wanting a sunroom that will give you the most sunlight in your home, then you will want to go with our popular conservatory design. Living in Colorado means that there is plenty of sunlight and it can be intense at times in the summer but in the winter, there is a great need for there to be more sunlight to help fight off the winter blues. Regardless of the season though it is among the most beautiful configurations to truly enjoy and relax in your home. Homeowners that want the maximum amount of sunlight into the room often opt for this type of design for a sunroom.

This eclectic looking LivingSpace sunroom is great for families that want to look at the stars at night or to “camp” even in the winter as you watch the snow fall above you. It creates a place in the home where a room becomes a place of imagination as the scenery is constantly changing. Maybe its that you just want to be surrounded by the colors of the trees come fall. The conservatory is the perfect option for those who truly want to be engulfed in nature all year round.

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Porch Conversion

A porch conversion is exactly how it sounds. Innovative Livingspaces uses your existing patio to create a whole new living space. We take your patio and enclose it with either glass or screens, depending on what you would like.

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There are many homeowners who love to enjoy the outdoors without the heat. They want the sun and fresh air without the sweat. However, some aren’t drawn to sunrooms or they don’t like the price tag that comes along with them. We have the perfect solution for you. One that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the sun beating down on you and that comes with a lower price tag.

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Like awnings, screens go a long way to keep the heat out and allow you to still see the beauty of where you live. Screens have many custom options including zipped and non-zipped screens.

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We have many homeowners that have designed sunrooms of their own and need someone who will construct them. Innovative Livingspaces is your professional sunroom builder. We have an expert team that works hard to give you the best quality work-around. We also make sure to build with the highest quality materials that are dependable throughout the years.

When you look at sunrooms that other homes have the ideas for your own will start to flow. Seeing things that you like while other things you want. Making it unique to what you want easily becomes the best part of what we do because of the new challenge and of getting to see the customer's faces as we finish the build. Don’t settle for what you want when it comes to your home! Create the perfect home you’ve always wanted!

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