Cleaning Sunroom Windows

Cleaning Sunroom Windows

Having a sunroom as a part of your home is such a joy. It is a place to truly make your own and enjoy the outdoors year-round at the same time. To continue to enjoy this space, keeping up with cleaning and maintaining it is a must. Of course, floor to ceiling windows can present some challenges when it comes to cleaning. So here are our tips on how to effectively clean your sunroom windows.

Before you get started you want to gather all the supplies you will need. For example, you will want a tall ladder. If your sunroom is especially tall, you may even want to consider renting some scaffolding. Other items you will need include a broom, bucket, cleaning solution, long handled cleaning brush, and squeegee.

Step One

To get started, you will want to take your broom and sweep away any dirt and debris that you can.

Step Two

Fill your bucket with warm water and a strong cleaner. If it has been a while since you have cleaned your windows, a general glass cleaner may not be enough to get the job done.

Step Three

Next, dip your long handled scrubbing brush into the bucket with the cleaning solution and begin to scrub the windows.

Step Four

Take your garden hose and rinse the windows to wash away the dirt and excess cleaner. Then take your squeegee and pull all the remaining water towards the ground. If you skip this step, the water droplets will dry and leave spots on your otherwise clear windows.

And that is it. Repeat this process until all sides of your sunroom have been cleaned. With the help of ladders and long handled tools, this job can be completed much easier. Of course, the steps for cleaning the inside of your sunroom will be slightly different. Mostly you will just want to remove the cleaner with a wet rag instead of a hose.

If the maintenance of a sunroom has been holding you back from adding one to your home, it is clear to see that they are not at all difficult to keep clean and in good condition. If you have questions regarding our four-season sunrooms, however, feel free to give us a call! Our Innovative Livingspaces team would love to answer any questions you may have.

By Innovative Livingspaces 1-7-2021