LivingSpace Cathedral Sunrooms

When you’re thinking about a sunroom in your home, you probably have it pictured perfectly in your mind. Many homes are built with high ceilings, meaning that you probably picture a flawless transition. With the LivingSpace cathedral sunrooms, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting. A cathedral sunroom is a high ceiling room with beautiful spanning windows from top to bottom. This means that you can have the sunroom you always wanted with a seamless transition. There is no need for the only room in your home to be a much lower ceiling than the rest of your home.

Additional benefits to this type of LivingSpace sunroom is the fact that you get a considerable amount more sunlight coming into the room because of the tall windows. This is great, especially in the winter because the more light that shines in, the more it will heat the room up without having to turn the heater on for it. It also creates a grand appearance to your home, making it the perfect room to entertain your guests in. With the large windows welcoming nature into your home to a superlative degree, it quickly becomes the room that exudes peace and calm throughout it.

While we love building all types of LivingSpace sunrooms, cathedral sunrooms are a joy for us to build because of the challenge of getting that perfect, flawless look when they transition from the high ceilings in your home to the high ceiling sunroom. Our goal is to make that transition as smooth and seamless as possible. When your friends or family walk into your home, it should fit so nicely that it looks like it was part of the original floor plan. Quality and customer satisfaction are our goal on every project. That is why we take seriously our communication with the client when we are going to start and finish the project. This way you can plan your life accurately. We understand that our being there is a disturbance to your life. Innovative Livingspaces tries to minimize that as much as possible with working as efficiently as possible.